Millsys Open Mic Monday has teamed up with Hop House 13 to showcase the regions finest.

Judged heats will be taking place on Mondays throughout October and November with the final,
and your chance to win professional studio time, taking place December 9th!!

Heats: October 21st - December 2nd Final: Monday December 9th

Heat 1: October 21st

8pm    Caitlin McCarthy

8.15         Pandora Craig

8.30               Jack Segal

8.45           Ace Ambrose

9pm                       Oliver

9.15                      Jack G

9.30                  Steppers

9.45                           OPA


Final: December 9th


1st Prize: Full day in a professional recording studio with a sound engineer, with 100 CDs of your recordings for you to take away.

2nd Prize: Trip to Dublin for two - return flights to Dublin for you and a friend plus a complimentary tour of the Guinness Brewery at St. James' Gate.

Everyone who takes part will receive
a complimentary pint of Hop House.


  • All of Millsy's standard procedures and licensing conditions will be in place.

  • Any free alcoholic beverages are for the participant only, have no cash value, and cannot be gifted to another person.

  • Under 18s are welcome to enter but will be limited to allocation of a performance time at either 8pm or 8.15pm. Under 18s will have to vacate the premises at 9pm, alternatively they are able to book into the upstairs restaurant for a meal any time during the evening.

  • Information regarding our opening times, dress code etc can be found here on our FAQs page.

  • In the event that the capacity of the venue is reached, any acts booked in will be granted access but accompanying friends may not, so early arrival is advised.

  • Any musical instruments or audio equipment brought by the performer will be the performers full responsibility.

  • Millsy's are not responsible in the case of any loss or damages.

  • Please ensure you bring any leads/power cables/batteries for your musical instrument.

  • The winner of each heat will be significantly influenced by the response from those present in the building.

  • We do not set maximums for the amount of support any individual act may bring,but the judging panel's vote will carry a higher point total.

Heat 2: October 28th

8pm       Aaron Dudfield

8.15                      Derren

8.30              Loz Pettite

8.45                    WHIZZY

9pm             Danni Virgo

9.15        Myriam Adams

9.30                           HAS

9.45               Reapz One

Heat 3: November 4th

8pm     Angelo Cardone

8.15          Michael Croft

8.30          James Foster

8.45                  available

9pm               Diz ‘n’ Rox

9.15          Daniel Martin

9.30      Grace Latchford

9.45    David Duquemin

Heat 4: November 11th

8pm               Ian Hough

8.15          Esmé Pathare

8.30   Zak Stinchcombe

8.45                        NoHa

9pm                 available

9.15                  available

9.30        Chessi O'Dowd

9.45        Jim Thomason

Heat 5: November 18th

8pm                 available

8.15                  available

8.30        Josh Prestidge

8.45                      Karma

9pm        Kieran Taylour

9.15        Michael Moran

9.30                         Koda

9.45                        Static

10pm              Josh Hale

Heat 6: November 25th

8pm           Simon Wood

8.15                        TAME

8.30                Lorna Dea

8.45           Robbie RAPS

9pm          Taylor-Louise

9.15            Kirsty Clarke

9.30   Vintage Celine Rose

9.45           Curtis Liburd

10pm     Mark Shepherd

Heat 7: December 2nd

8pm                 available

8.15           RG the Baron

8.30      Crokodile Tears

8.45               Abz Winter

9pm        Nowhere Club

9.15               Ollie Bond

9.30                           Ella

9.45            Kyle Boswell

10pm      Ciaran Fawkes


1. October 21st.....................3 slots available

2. October 28th....................4 slots available

3. November 4th...................4 slots available

4. November 11th.................3 slots available

5. November 18th.................3 slots available

6. November 25th.................4 slots available

7. December 2nd..................5 slots available

Final: December 9th

1.              Ace Ambrose 2.                   Reapz One 3.         Angelo Cardone 4.      Zak Stinchcombe 5.                    Josh Hale 6.           Kirsty J Clarke 7.                  Abz Winter



Nowhere Club

RG the Baron