With the next few weeks being spent under lockdown, we wanted to share some of the food we’ve been perfecting over the last few years and give you the chance to recreate your favourite Millsy's dishes in your own home kitchens.

Our Heat at Home kits will include all the ingredients and accompaniments needed, along with a set of simple instructions for you to put your dishes together.

Our first Heat at Home kit will be our signature pizzas, now available for pre order...

We roll and stone bake large & small pizzas with our house San Marzano base sauce, then blast chill and vacuum seal for you to take home along with your favourite toppings. Then simply chill or freeze until ready to use, top and bake for a few minutes for your own hand-topped restaurant quality pizza from the comfort of your own kitchen...

We hold minimal numbers in stock to keep them as fresh as possible, so call 02476 713 222 to place your pre order now and guarantee yours!

Large Margherita £6.50  /  Small Margherita £3.50

(includes pizza base + sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil)

Add two toppings + one crust dip +£1

- Pepperoni

- Salami

- Spicy Chicken

- Anchovies

- Mushrooms

- Peppers & Onions

- Olives

- Spinach

- Blue Cheese

- Chilli & Jalapeños

- Extra buffalo



Crust Dips:

Garlic Butter Dip

Sour Cream & Chive

Sriracha Hot Sauce