Gluten Free / Vegan

Full English Breakfast
Four bacon rashers, egg, beans
tomato, mushroom, toast  £8.95

Vegetarian breakfast - Veggie sausages, bacun jackfruit, two eggs, diced avocado, beans,
tomato, mushroom and toast V  £6.95

Bacon Butty - Grilled back bacon and
fried egg in a toasted sandwich  £3.95

Breakfast Bruschetta

Two poached, scrambled or fried eggs V  £3.95

Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs  £7.95

Spiced avocado, poached eggs V  £6.95

Halloumi, spinach, salsa, poached eggs V  £6.95

Three-egg omelettes

Sausage, bacon, mushroom  £4.95

Ham and cheddar  £4.95

Sautéed mushroom and cheddar V  £3.95


Eggs Benedict - poached eggs and
hollandaise sauce on toast

Traditional ham £7.95

Smoked salmon  £8.95

Spinach and field mushroom V £7.50


Bacon   £0.95

Beans / Tomato / Egg / Mushroom  £0.75

Thick cut toast with butter and preserve  £1.95

Gluten Free Breakfast - available Mon-Sat, 9am-11.45am  /  Sunday, 10am-5pm

Soup of the day - Delicious homemade
soup with toasted bread  £3.95

Jacket potato - garlic butter, posh beans, melted cheddar and mozzarella V  £5

Light Bites

Served with choice of Millsy's seasoned chips,
chef's salad or homemade soup of the day

Brisket - beef brisket, white slaw, usa mustard  £8.50

Breakfast hash - dry cured bacon and
hash brown topped with a fried egg  £7.95

Verde - pesto, mozzarella, spinach and avocado grilled cheese sandwich V  £6.95

Club - pulled chicken, citrus mayo,
lettuce, bacon, tomato chutney  £7.95

Millsy's Sandwich Platters

Gluten Free Lunch & Light Bites - available in the downstairs cafe bar Mon-Sat, 12noon-5pm

It took a lot of effort from the chefs and managers but we are all really proud of our stand alone
Gluten Free and Vegan menus that diners can choose from in Millsy’s – lots of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner without trying to decipher whether dishes would contain flour, eggs, etc…

We’ve done the research and developed our recipes so you can simply sit back, order and enjoy!



Haddock - beer battered goujons,
lettuce, tartare sauce  

Caprese - tomato pesto, sliced tomato,
basil, buffalo mozzarella, rocket  

Olives, oil and balsanic, crostini  V  £3.95

Balsamic and honey pan roast chorizo  £4.50

Salt and lemon squid, aioli  £4.95

Piri piri chicken wings  £4.95

Spicy pil-pil prawns, toast  £5.50

Grilled cheese nachos, salsa, sour cream,
guacamole, jalapeno  V  £4.95

Slow braised BBQ baby back ribs  £5.50

Prosciutto topped with shaved pecorino
and balsamic dressed rocket £5.50

King prawn, avocado, cherry tomato,
gem lettuce, marie rose  £5.95

Caprese - sliced beef tomato,
buffalo mozzarella, basil  V £4.95

Potted confit duck, chilli jam, crostini  £6.95

Roast beetroot hummus, garlic oil,
parsley, pine nuts, crostini V N £4.95


Little Plates


Warm chicken and pancetta Caesar salad with gem lettuce and parmesan shavings  £10.95

Waldorf - blue cheese, grape, apple and celeriac remoulade, dressed rocket V N  £10.95


King prawn, wilted spinach,
chilli and tomato napoli  £11.95

Carbonara - pancetta, chicken and mushroom
with egg yolk and parmesan  £11.50

Pan roasted salmon, caper, olive,
spinach, tomato concasse, lemon oil  £13.95

prepared with gluten free penne and served with garlic olive oil crostini. please note that our gluten free pasta has to be cooked freshly to order, so may take a little longer to prepare.

GF Main Menu - available in the cafe bar Mon-Sat, 12noon-9pm and in the restaurant Mon-Sat, 6pm-10pm

Margherita - mozzarella and fresh basil V  £8.95

Carnivoro - pepperoni, chorizo,
garlic chicken  £11.95

Fiorentina - spinach, egg, olive,
mozzarella and goats cheese V  £10.95

American hot - pepperoni and jalapeno  £10.95

Italian 4 cheese - tallegio, gorgonzola,
pecorino, mozzarella
  V  £11.50

Texan BBQ - bbq pulled chicken, onions,
green peppers, sweetcorn  £11.50

Please note that gluten free pizzas may take a little longer
as the area used for dough preparation has to be cleaned
down before the base can be made. This ensures no
chance of cross-contamination with normal flour.




Gourmet Burgers

Grilled & Fried

Hanging Kebabs

Vegan breakfast - veggie sausages, bacun jackfruit, diced avocado, tomato, hash brown, mushrooms, beans, toast £6.95

Mixed berry acai smoothie bowl - with fresh blueberries, banana, maple granola, coconut, almonds  N  £5.95

Avocado breakfast bruschetta - sliced avocado,
salsa, sourdough toast  £6

Spinach & mushroom breakfast bruschetta - raw spinach, field mushrooms, salsa, sourdough toast  £5.95

Breakfast batch - two vegan sausages, mushroom, tomato and hash brown loaded butty  £3.95

Pizza slice meal - huge slice of our thin crust
margherita pizza with mixed salad and chips

Homemade soup of the day, sourdough bread  £3.95

Jacket potato with creamy vegan cheese
and posh baked beans  £5

Verde sandwich platter - spinach, avocado,
salsa and grilled vegan cheese focaccia
or wholemeal sandwich
with choice of
seasoned chips, salad or soup of the day  £6.95

Vegan Breakfast          
available Mon-Sat, 9am-11.45am  / Sunday, 10am-5pm

Vegan Lunch            
available Mon-Sat, 12noon-5pm

Vegan Main Menu            

available in the downstairs cafe bar:  Mon-Sat, 12noon-9pm / Sunday, 12noon-5pm

available in the restaurant:  Mon-Sat, 6pm-10pm / Sunday, 12noon-5pm

Little Plates

Mini Mezze - roast beetroot and chickpea
hummus, warm pitta, olives  £4.95

Grilled nachos, creamy vegan cheese,
salsa, guacamole, jalapeno  

Tear and share stone baked garlic
and rosemary pizzette  N £3.95

Millsy's mixed olives  £3.95

Nocerella giganti olives  £4.95



Millsy's seasoned chips  £2.95

French fries  £2.95

Sweet potato wedges  £3.95

Chef's salad  £3.95

Rocket salad, balsamic dressing  £3.95

½ dozen beer-battered onion rings  £2.95


Couscous salad - avocado, broccoli, raisin,
red onion and soft herb couscous salad  £10.95

Veggie burger - chickpea, lentil and jalapeno
burger with chips and mixed salad  

Pasta bake - mushroom, spinach and tomato bake  £10.95

Caprese pasta - capers, olives, spinach, tomato
concasse, lemon oil dressed pasta  £10.95

Margherita pizza - classic stone baked pizza, homemade napoli sauce, creamy vegan cheese, fresh basil  £8.95

Fiorentina pizza - spinach, olive and
chilli onion jam



Double chocolate brownie, dairy-free
vanilla ice cream

Trio of fruit sorbets, fresh berries  £4.95

All in a grilled bun with classic burger sauce,
mustard mayo, gem lettuce and an onion ring

Americano - chargrilled beef patty, crispy streaky bacon, classic USA burger cheese £9.50

California chicken - chargrilled chicken, mozzarella, avocado, topped with a fried egg  £10

Beef & brisket - chargrilled beef patty, sliced bbq brisket, applewood smoked cheddar  £10.95

Louisiana - beer battered chicken thigh,
hot sauce, jalapeno, blue cheese sauce  

Spicy veggie burger - chickpea, lentil &
jalapeño patty, garlic mushroom  V  £9

Burgers now served fully loaded but priced
individually so you can add your favourite
sides to complete your meal to your taste...

Minute steak  £12.95

8oz sirloin steak  £16.95

all steaks served with fries, roast tomato,  dressed rocket and onion rings

Fish and chips - beer battered haddock,
chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce  £11.95

BBQ board - ½ rack of ribs, smoked brisket,
chicken wings, fries, slaw, corn on the cob  £14.95

Served with your choice of two of the following:
chips / sweet potato chips /
chef's salad / corn on the cob

Spicy chicken,
pepper, piri piri sauce £11.95

Teriyaki salmon, king prawn,
roasted Mediterranean veg  £12.95

Harissa lamb kofta, cucumber & mint relish  £12.95

Italian seasoned chips / French fries V  £3

Sweet potato wedges V  £4

Coleslaw V  £3

Chefs salad V  £3.95

Rocket salad, pecorino, aged balsamic V  £3.95

½ dozen beer battered onion rings V  £3

6x spicy chicken wings  £5


Baked vanilla cheesecake, citrus compote V  £5.50

Cherrywood smoked chocolate mousse,
cherry griottes
 V  £5.50

Chocolate brownie, matchmaker ice cream  V  £5.50

Selection of ice creams, candy floss V  £3.95

Italian cheese flight   V N  £6.50
gorgonzola + pecan + honey, tallegio +
dark chocolate, pecorino + mulled berries